Crescent Results

At Crescent, the proof is in our results.

At Crescent, the proof is in our results. We manage our core customer relationships using our MKPI model dashboard. This model, with a foundation in transparency, establishes Key Performance Indicators for the business relationship, often translated into Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with our customers. Crescent’s best business practice is to monitor the health of the business in the areas of safety, quality, people, productivity, customer value and financial with our customers as we grow together and deliver results.

Safety – To know this we measure our Lost Time Incident Rate along with our Total Recordable Incident Rate, those mishaps that hurt someone but do not result in an injury.

People – To understand this we monitor the retention of our people, the growth of our people, our ability to be fully staffed, and our ratio of hourly to salaried people.

Productivity – Are we operating efficiently and effectively? What steps are being taken to improve our level of service? Are we using our resources effectively?

Quality – To know this we measure our production accuracy, how many times a non-conforming product escapes our attention, our inventory accuracy, our damage rate, and our scrap rate.

Customer Value – To understand if we are improving our value to the customer, we measure what is key to the customer, our achievements through Continuous Improvement. We also measure if our customer on the whole is a champion of Crescent, and whether they support us.

Financial – To ensure our business units are achieving profitable and sustainable growth