Service delivery is the point of our Crescent Way that determines if we succeed or fail. At Crescent, we are proud to be chosen as our customers’ service provider. Our customers’ strategic decisions to outsource require a partner that will fully invest in their unique requirements and fully understand their expectations, that is why Crescent C.R.E.A.T.E.S value: Competitive Pricing, Responsive, Exceptional Quality, Adaptable, Transparent, Efficient, Safe. In this, Crescent provides 2 Core Services, along with 6 VES’s (Value Enhanced Services).

A Deeper Understanding Of What Crescent Provides

Understanding the strategic reasoning behind outsourcing is a key to our service model. The Crescent Leadership team makes it our duty and mission to understand the needs of our customer from Day One and every day thereafter. Our tailored approach to business and continuous improvement spans facilities, technology, equipment and talent. Our Core Competencies and our Customized solutions allow us to ramp up our capacity to meet the changing volume demands of our customers, providing them with a great degree of flexibility to meet their needs. Our DSRs, KPIs and SLAs along with our attitude for being fully vested partners, lead us to be very transparent with our customers every step of the way. Our integrated systems and continuous improvement business model provides Crescent the ability to continually improve our performance. With a focus on innovation, quality, continuous improvement, and cost reduction, Crescent provides best in class services in project management, contract packaging, and logistics! The core services that Crescent specializes in for our customers are: Parts Fulfillment and Contract Packaging. Please see below for additional information on both offered core services. Additionally, there are multiple Value Enhanced Services that both indirectly and directly compliment the 2 Core Services, depending on our varying customer needs.

Parts Fulfillment

As the premiere service provider in this space, Crescent provides receiving, inspection, storage & retrieval, picking, kitting, packing, shipping and return services for our parts customers. Our teams strive for operational excellence thru the application of lean, 6 sigma and sustainability initiatives. By eliminating waste and non-value added processes we work to optimize our parts customers value chain.

Contract Packaging

Crescent offers an extensive array of capabilities and experience within our contract packaging and assembly operations. With several our customers in the Health and Beauty, Food and Beverage, and Confectionery industries, Crescent offers solutions for all Consumer Packaged Goods companies. Crescent has specialized in packaging services for all retail trade channels, including grocery, club, drug store, and mass merchandising. Within these channels, Crescent has the ability to offer a broad range of promotional displays and special packs such as, pallet displays, PDQ trays, and Gift Sets.

Value Enhanced Services

  • Transportation
  • Design & Promotional Services
  • Engineered Solutions
  • Sourcing
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution