The Crescent Way

Our customer’s decisions to outsource have only one true Purpose- to improve their quality and competitiveness in their market. Our vision at Crescent is to be the Premier Service Provider (PSP) in our industry. Our Purpose as a company is to partner with our customers and ourselves.

The Crescent Way methodology is framed to guarantee high-quality service through aligning our Purpose, Process, and People! These in-house communication pathways, enhanced with technology, allow our teams to collaborate openly and freely with our customers on all Key Performance Indicators necessary to: Improve Quality, Safety, and Productivity. The Crescent Way is how we deliver our service and is designed to ensure we never lose sight of our customers’ true need to Do it Right, Do it Safe, and Do it Well!


This is about our customers’ and our company’s true needs, and our commitment to performance and quality. It is our goal to both define a service and engineer a solution for our customers.


How we deliver our high performing service and how we deliver performance and results. We adhere to four critical steps: Service Planning, Service Delivery, Quality & Safety Audits, and Getting Stuff Done.


Those who meet our customers’ needs by delivering performance and quality. Again, we adhere to four critical steps: Select, Train, Assess, and Recognize the Team.